Saturday, July 10, 2010

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As far back as we have discovered, our heritage began with WILLIAM POWELL, a slave called Aspen received his freedom in 1863. He married Sarah (December 10, 1868), a Cherokee Indian. The Powells migrated to Alamo, Tennessee from Virginia. William and Sarah were the parents of four children: Amaritta Sarah Emmer Powell, Thaddeus Powell, Uriah Powell, and Cornelius Powell. From where our heritage began, many generations have contributed to our legacy.

In order to "Celebrate Our Heritage, Build Our Future" we have started this blog to keep the history alive! This family history is not a complete one. This data here has been obtained from public records, census records, family bibles, oral traditions, and the previous Family Reunion Booklets. Please take the time to enjoy and read through this and submit any missing names, dates and places of birth.

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  1. My great great grandfather is hallie powell and thadeous and ella powell were his parents.
    I would love to find out more information